WWII Kriegsmarine: Seehund

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WWII Kriegsmarine: Seewolf
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Our very latest "Strictly Limited" release... the type 127 U Boot "SEEHUND" (The Seal). This was the most successful of Nazi Germany's mini submarines created during WW2. Designed in 1944 and operated by a two-man crew the Kriegsmarine operated these boats during the closing nine months of the war. Each midget U boat carried two "G7e torpedoes" on either side of the hull. Although a total of 1,000 Seehunds were ordered just 285 entered service. Our K&C model is finished in a typical mottled "leopard" camouflage of sea green on a light sea gray background. Each boat comes complete with its own special wheeled transport "cradle" and towing rod. Just 750 of this unique little U Boat are being produced. 
Epoche: Zweiter Weltkrieg
Land: Deutschland
Truppenteil: Kriegsmarine
Maßstab: 1:30
Material: Resin
Ausführung: Extrafeine Bemalung
Released: 2010.02
Retired: 2010.02

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