1/6 Celtic Warfare - Warrior

Celtic Warfare - Warrior

- Head sculpt
- KP04 body and 8 hands
- Shirt
- 3D-printed silicon chainmail
- Wood shield w/yellow decorations (real wood)
- Brown pants
- Brown leg wraps
- Green poncho wrapped 
- Silver helm (agen port model)
- Sword (metal)
- Dagger (metal)
- Lance (wood and metal)
- Leather wristband
- Neck ring (torque)
- Brown leather shoes
- Stand


- New softer hands that can be removed with ease!
- Sculpt paints are 100% improved!
- Shields are made in REAL WOOD (100% craft-made!)
- All new chain mail design! Made in 3D and printed on soft silicon, for a PERFECT replica of Celtic Chain mail!

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