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1/12 POCKET ELITE SERIES - ARMY 25th Infantry Division Private

Artikelnummer: FG008

1/12 Figuren

Wenige Exemplare auf Lager - schnell bestellen!

1:12 action figure – The Joker (Robbed Version)

“Smile, because it confuses people. Smile, because it's easier than explaining what is killing you inside.” The Joker
The Joker is a psychotic anarchist mastermind who portrayed himself as an agent of chaos, by turning Gotham City into turbulence and in tranquility. In the 2008 “The Dark Knight” Heath Ledger plays as the Joker, under his interpretation, the Joker became a villain with inconvenient charm and clear mastery of disguise, which allowed him to act swiftly.
This collectible figure stands approximately 16.6cm, designed after THE DARK KNIGHT (2008) bank robbery scene appearance. One highlight improvement in our 1:12 scale body is we have increased the movable joint from 27 points to 35 points, and adopt full manual painting on head sculpted which provide more realistic performance.
This figure comes with highly detail weapons and accessories used in the movie, like smoke grenade, grenades, banknotes brick, guns and watch, one of the highlights will be our duffle bag which can be zip and carry all the weapon, allow players flexibly build their own “movie stage” with our backdrop attached to the set. Facial sculpture with high simulation, meticulous painting and clothing made of real fabrics perfectly present the character played by Heath Ledger!

Accessories included:
- The Joker Sculpted Head x1
- Clown Mask Sculpted Head x1
- Clown Mask x1
- Pistol x1
- Banknote brick x1
- Watch x1
- Smoke Grenade x3
- Grenade x3
- Duffle Bag x1
- Hand Parts x 7 (Pistol holding hand x 1pair, Banknote Brick holding hand x 1 pair, Grenade holding hand x 1pair, Clown Mask holding left hand)
- Backdrop x1
- Stand x1

We will showcase and pre-order The Joker during WF2019 Shanghai at E3hall A16 Soap Studio booth, at the same time, we will start the pre-sale on the Soap Studio website www.soapstudio.com.

Wonder Festival 2019 Shanghai
Date: June 8th to June 9th, 2019
Time: (VIP9:30) 10:00~17:00
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center E1~E4
Soap Studio booth: E3 Hall A16










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