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1/12 Ryan of the 101st Airborne Division in

Artikelnummer: XA80001

1/12 Figuren

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Ryan of the 101st Airborne Division in 1/12 scale

Today, DID has set a new standard in 1/12 scale. The detail and quality of Ryan is the best to date. His headsculpt is super authentic. The new-developed body which has the perfect proportion with highly posable joints. You can see the finest cutting and details from the M42 paratrooper jacket and all other outfits. The essential weapons like bazooka and the M1 Grand rifle are in great details too.

As the first product of our 1/12 “Plam Hero” series, we have tried our best to pursue the perfection as we always do. We believe you would be surprised when you get your hands on him. Just bring Ryan home and start to build your new front line in 1/12 scale.

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