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ID:Carlo - Eduardo 1/12 Fully articulated RED Sofa

Artikelnummer: V00013Red

1/12 Figuren

ID:Carlo - Eduardo
Gender: Male
AGE: 53
Occupation: Gang members
Carlo Eduardo, also known as Lord Carlo around the wastelands is part of an unknown force recognizable only by its dead moth insignia. Unlike most motley crews, this gang is not fueled solely by violence or bloodlust. They instead hunt luxury goods left in the wastelands. When Lord Carlo arrives on the scene wielding his golden AK47, make no mistake - he means business. However, when conducting business with such a force - it is at one's own risk, given that Lord Carlo and his family don't always follow the conventional rules of business. It is rumored that Lord Carlo may have some involvement in the mysterious disappearance of Maxwell. Some speculate that the words "addio Weir" were uttered at the time of his unfortunate 'departure.'
Product Name:VortexToys Yew Series V00013 Carlo - Eduardo 1/12th Scale Action Figure
Product Code: V00013 
Package Includes:
One (1) Carlos Head Sculpt
One (1) 1/12th Scale (6 Inch) body
One (1) Weapon Case
One (1) Gold AK47 Assault Rifle
One (1) Desert Eagle Pistol
One (1) Luxurious Sofa
One (1) Leather Coat
One (1) Pair of Shoes
Three (3) pairs of interchangeable hands

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