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Jackal 1/12 Fully articulated

Artikelnummer: V00011


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Scale: 1/12 Fully articulated

Tall: around 6 INCHES(15cm)

Jackal Package Includes:
One (1) Jackal Head Sculpt
One (1) 1/12th Scale (6 Inch) body
One (1) Sniper Rifle
One (1) MP5 Submachine gun
One (1) Military Dagger
One (1) Desert Cloak
One (1) Mask
One (1) Hunting Suit
One (1) Pair of Tactical Boots
Three (3) Pairs of Interchangeable Hands

Wolves, one of the most powerful predators on the planet. Jekyll may not feel there is anything wrong with his nickname 'Jackal', but in fact, only a few people could speak more than 10 words with this legendary sniper, whether in New Vegas or other arenas, and no one even knows how he got such nickname. Jekyll lives in his cold and isolated hunting world, you could imagine those giant mutant wolves on the wilderness by looking at his relentless eyes, even his big dog Fangs is known as “ the child of the giant wolf”. "Do what you have to do, and leave the rest to the Jackal." This is the sentence that each soldier is familiar with in new Vegas.
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