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SDKFZ 253 (Tropical)

Artikelnummer: SS025(B)


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SDKFZ 253 (Tropical)

SS025B - SDKFZ 253 (Normandy)The SDKFZ 253 was based on the Demag chassis and was used as a command vehicle by German officers in the field. Similar in appearance to the SDKFZ 250 this specialised variant was totally enclosed with an armoured roof. Observation was from a large circular double hatch in the roof or a single hatch at the rear of the vehicle. Another unique feature of this vehicle was the aerial which folded into a protective channel when not in use. We have supplied 2 hatches; therefore you can choose to have your vehicle with the hatch in the open or closed position. Our vehicle comes in 3 versions limited to 150 of each variant except the desert version which is limited to 100 pieces; all vehicles come with a command figure. The A version is in 3 tone camouflage pattern suitable for Russia or Western Europe 1944. Our C version comes fully winterised and the B version is suitable for North Africa with H G style dressed command figure. Priced at £89 this makes this particular vehicle very good value for money especially when you take into account the limited numbers and the quality of the finish.
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