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Western-Style Clothes Suit 2.0 Set (Blue)

Artikelnummer: POP-X28-B


Wenige Exemplare auf Lager - schnell bestellen!

Body, headsculpt and display not included

1/6th Advanced readymade male western-style clothes suit adjustment:

-Finely adjust the angle of the lapel to fit the body better
-Adjusted the type of self-cultivation, sleeve cage diameter fine-tuning, smooth lines more naturally fit the body.
-The breast pocket is narrowed to fit the overall proportion of the suit.
-The tie is changed to jacquard material for easy care
-High-grade jacquard lining, taking both inside and outside into consideration and upgrading quality.
-Using laser cutting, keeping high-level custom-tailored, without any rough edges.

- Western-style clothes
- Waistcoat
- Tie
- Shirt
- Pair of suit pants
- Leather belt
- Pair of leather shoes

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