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The Comedian - 1/6th

Artikelnummer: BH006A


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The Mentally Ill - Figure & Diorama - in 1/6 scale

For comedian Arthur Fleck, who suffers from a rare salmon disorder, things go downhill in Gotham City in the 80s in all areas of life. The hoped-for success in his job fails to materialize; he loses his job as a clown and is ignored and mistreated by a society going down the stream. Over dark, psychological abysses, his path leads him further and further to madness and existence as a mad clown and symbol of anarchy.

2020 Nominated for 9 Oscars - Winning : Best Actor (Joaquin Phoenix) and Best Sondtrack (Hildur Guðnadóttir)

Impressive figure for an impressive film, authentic costume and equipment as well as 3 different heads, this figure is a real asset to any film figure collection.

Bullet Head & War Story presenting a great Figure with 2 Heads, costume, Diorama and many Accessory's - all in 1/6 scale

comes with:

Head sculpt & body:

★ Head sculpt x2

★ 1/6 Scale Muscular figure body x1

★ Interchangeable hand x6


★ Jacket x1

★ Pant x1 pair

★ Long sleeve T-shirt x1

★ Leather shoes x1 pair

★ Socks x1 pair 

Other accessories:

★ Pistol x1

★ Medicine bottle x2

★ Green wig X1

★ Radio x1

★ Lighter x1

★ Makeup case x1

★ Cigarette x4

★ Palette x1

★ Handbag x1

★ Make-up pencil x2

★ Notebook x1

★ Newspaper x1

★ Dressing table set (light up) x1

★ Vanity chair x1


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