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RC Panzer Tiger 1 Vantex 1:6

Artikelnummer: Vantex02


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RC Panzer Tiger 1 Vantex 1: 6 Burner 26CCM RTR + 2.4 GHZ New Tank

VANTEX RC Tank Tiger 1 Scale 1:6 / 6 Channel RTR (Photo is still with transport chains)

with 26 cm 2-stroke engine and water cooling + 2.4 GHz radio. Handmade from

fibreglass and aluminium. Single link chain made of metal.

The Tiger 1 was a tank made in Germany that was used in the Second World War.

The model performs all driving movements such as forward and reverse driving and turning on the spot.

To achieve the stepless steering of the original tank, a completely new gear has been developed,

which works absolutely reliably for drive and steering. In addition, a single link chain has been

constructed with separate chain pads. The tower reproduces the rotating movements.

The cannon can be moved like the tower via a built-in actuator.

Thanks to the complete development of all components, this model creates a previously unseen reality reference.

New standards are set for functional model construction. Technical details:

forward and reverse drive, left/right rotation, turn on the spot, drive and steering are controlled via 2 servos,

single link chain made of aluminium, separate chain pads, speed control via servo tower and cannon controlled with servos via servos and micro switch,

technical data: motor: 26 ccm 2-stroke with 2.8 HP,

water cooling with negative pressure pump, speed 200 HP.

Km/h, length: 1060 mm / with cannon 1360 mm, width 610 mm, height 490 mm, ground clearance 70 mm, weight 60 kg,

max. Pitch 35° + side 120 mm, max. Lateral tilt 40°, box contents: ready-assembled, painted armor, .

The tank comes with built-in servos and 6-channel spark with 2.4 GHZ!

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