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Hercules, son of Zeus 1/6

Artikelnummer: PL2018-115

Fantasy Figur

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Hercules, son of Zeus
Hercules, son of Zeus and the mortal Alcmene is one of the most famous Greek heroes of all time. Angered by Zeus’ betrayal, Hera sent two snakes to kill Hercules in his crib while he was still an infant. But Hercules was so incredibly strong and fearless that he strangled the snakes before they could kill him. Later Hercules was ordered by Apollo to perform 12 heroic labors that made him famous and granted him immortality among the God of Olympus.

- Headsculpt
- TB League male seamless body with metal skeleton
- 3 pairs of interchangeable hands
- Lion headgear 
- 1 pair of feet in shoes with long shafts
- Belt
- Waistband
- 1 pair of forearm armors (with different patterns)
- Right shoulder armor
- Strap for upper body
- Shield
- Men’s brief
- Leather skirt
- Long sword
- Wolf's fangs mace
- Dagger with sheath
- Base

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