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Chiricahua, Apache 1/6

Artikelnummer: 84aw

Chiricahua, Apache

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The second offering from Dog Soldiers is an N?de Nation War Leader Chiricahua Apache featuring the same excellent quality and simply design 

that made their previous release (Northern Cheyenne Warrior) so popular. The Chiricahua Apache wears white felt tunic and trousers, 

leather boots with metal studs, black vest, white head band and a beaded necklace. He is armed with a rifle and a hunting knife and has 2 belts, 

one for rifle ammo and one for the knife scabbard and a side pouch. The figure features one of the greatest head sculpts I?ve ever seen, 

a very determined and unflinching expression highlighted by a single line of white war paint and topped off with long rooted black hair.

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