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Mein Kopf in 3D, My Head in 3D in 1:6

Ihr kopf  als Actionfigur Kopf, schicken sie uns einfach 2 Bilder 1 front und seite... fertig, herstellungszeit ca 2 Wochen!!
The heads can be made to fit figurine bodies from other manufacturers since we can make the heads bigger or smaller (upon request), and the heads can be manually drilled or filed to fit different neck posts.You can buy your head pre-fitted to a matching action figure body in full military or casual clothing with weaponry/helmet/props/gear. Please choose from our shop. Alternatively, you can fit your head onto any appropriate Hot-Toys/DiD/Dragon action figures bought from your local action figure store.By using two images of yourself and 3D technology you can now create a head sculpt of yourself. Fully painted resin head is hollow and can be attached to a DID, Hot Toys or Dragon body with minimal effort. Headsculpt is very lifelike and the quality of the outcome is dependant on your photos. Please click on the image to see which photos are needed to create a good looking headsculpt. You can also browse our thousands of parts and create your own figure. If you wish to just purchase a full figure and use this head on it then you will receive a 10% discount off the purchase of a complete figure, just remember Hot Toys, Dragon or DID are the figures where the head can fit onto the body with minimal effort but this discount will apply to any purchase WITH THE PURCHASE OF A HEADSCUPLT ON THE SAME ORDER. This discount does not apply to a purchase at a later date or after a headscuplt has been purchased.

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