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    For collectors with an unquenchable taste for customization, the Triad Toys Alpha female body is finally here. The Alpha body has been in development for over two years and it is a fine example of flawless design and production. It surpassed every expectation in both sound design and quality construction standards by the Triad Toys design team. With well over 38 points of articulation, completely backwards compatible parts with the Otaku and Evalution (EVA) bodies, fully removeable and modular limbs - the body segments at the head, shoulders, wrists, hips, knees and ankles - the Alpha is quickly becoming our favored female action figure body of choice.

    While the removeable limbs make it easy to wear tight clothing, the modular ability of the body allows customizers to quickly change out body parts at will. Triad Toys is committed to supporting the customization spectrum and we will be coming out with more parts to support all of our body types, guaranteeing compatibility between the majority of our body parts and accessories. Be sure to check out our video preview of the Alpha body as well as our news and spec sheet on the Alpha body.

    Made with all the love and care you've come to expect from Triad, the latest round of base bodies have become better than ever. From the premium Japanese Saran hair, the unique hand-crafted design of the lingerie set, to the expertly painted face and final finishing, base bodies have become more than just another body, Why purchase a body when you expect to throw everything out and keep only the essential parts for customization? Not only is it a waste of resources, but collectors end up having to pay more than what they need. We share that understanding and the latest round of bodies reflect just our sentiment. As such, we are not making an outfit simply to cover up the body so you can throw out later. Each of the lingerie sets included with this body is uniquely designed for a perfect fit, using only the best materials possible.

    This particular Alpha figure comes with a highly detailed top and panties that combines the mastery of Triad's clothing line. Combining lace, spandex and cotton materials of the finest grade, we want you to experience the quality of clothing that Triad has become synonymous with. Each of the heads comes with hand styled Japanese Saran hair of the finest quality and hand painted to perfection. The Alpha female body set comes with:

    - Red colored Japanese Saran rooted hair female head

    - Female Alpha body with medium bust size body

    - One pair of dual pistol grip hands

    - One pair of dual relaxed hands

    - Lingerie Laced Top and Panties

    - One pair of flat heeled feet

    - One pair of medium rise heeled feet

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