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Steam Punk Red Sonja 1/6th Action Figure

Artikelnummer: PL2019-140-A

Female Figure

Wenige Exemplare auf Lager - schnell bestellen!

Display stand not included

Red Sonja - outlaw, mercenary, warrior and queen. After escaping her bloody origin, she hunted the wilderlands of Hyrkania, theived the streets and palaces of Pah-Disha, sold her sword on battlefields from Koth to Aquilonia, and liberated countless mugs of ale from barrels throughout the Hyborean world. Red Sonja slew the king who tried to posses her and freed the world from the dark sourcery of Kulan Gathe. Forced to flee her homeland, she rode west across the Turanian Steppes and into the shadowed mists of legendry.

- Headsculpt
- TBLeague 1/6 female seamless body with metal skeleton
- 3 pairs of interchangeable gloved hands
- Bikini style battle top
- Top with puff sleeves
- Armor for upper body 
- Pair of arm bands
- Belt
- Pair of high boots
- Axe
- Sword with sheath
- Pistol
- Holster
- Goggles
- Pants

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