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NBA Collection LeBron James 1/6

Real Masterpiece: NBA Collection – LeBron James 1/6 scale collectible figurine

2 (two) head sculpts of museum-like representation of LeBron James with authentic likeness, each with a different facial expression
Each head sculpts are individually hand-painted with newly developed "multi layer" paint application
Newly developed NBA-LBJ body with 40 points of articulation, the height is according to James’s actual height, therefore instead of the usual 12” figurine, this product is actually around 13” tall and with his iconic tattoos as well
Accurate Official NBA Miami Heat Home Team Jerseys with shorts and a pair of white socks
5 (five) pairs of interchangeable hands, including two pairs with magnets on them to hold the basketball
Jame’s signature headband
A white elbow pad and a pair of black basketball tights
A 1/6 scale Spalding basketball with magnet inside
Newly developed figurine stand with the official NBA Miami Heats team logo on itHead Sculpted by : SCUDERIA
Sculpt Art directed by : YJ
Paint Art Director: YJ
Production and manufacturing: ENTERBAY

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