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WASP: Women s Air Service Pilots

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WASP: Women’s Air Service Pilots As the need for qualified soldiers overseas increased, the need for qualified women to fill domestic military roles also increased. One of the greatest stories of courage without reward is the story of the Womens Air Service Pilots (WASP). Although these women were initially organized as a specified division of the WAAC, they were not granted full military recognition until decades after WWII had come to an end. These women were fully qualified pilots who underwent extensive training on all types of military aircraft. Their job was to transport planes from aircraft assembly plants and military installations to locations where they were needed to supply combat and transport pilots.Flying was still a relatively young venture, dangerous in its own rite and many of these women were killed or injured in the line of duty. Still the proud members of the WASP knew it was their patriotic duty to serve their country in the name of freedom. Our WASP includes the classic suit coveralls, boots, and a leather flight jacket bearing the mascot symbol developed for them by Walt Disney. This Tribute to Valor Eleanors Girl shows her true sense of patriotic duty and portrays these women pilots’ indispensable contribution to our nation’s military.
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