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WWII, Eleanor's Girls, WAVES

Artikelnummer: 996


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WAVES: Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service The Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES) was established in 1942 after a 23-year absence of women serving in the US Naval Service. WWII created such an incredible need for men to enlist their efforts in active combat duty that women were necessary to fill a wide variety of supportive roles in the US Navy. Prior to that time only Navy Nurses were active members and none of them held the title of officer. The establishment of the WAVES brought a long lasting change to the navy, as women were now an active force in naval military service. WAVES now served as part of the Judge Advocate General Corps, as medical professionals, in the intelligence and technology fields and included female officers to train and oversee their work. 27,000 women enlisted as WAVES during WWII.Our WAVE includes the classic Navy WAVE winter uniform including skirt, jacket, blouse, necktie, cap and pumps. This Tribute to Valor Eleanor’s Girl is part of a proud and patriotic Navy tradition that has lasted for over six decades.
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