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1/6 Female Body Version 3.0 Brown

Artikelnummer: FX03-B

Female Body

sofort lieferbar
w/ BrownHair Head Sculpt
In replying the demands of 1:6 figure collectors, VERYCOOL is pleased to introduce its upgraded Female Body Version 3.0 together with a VCF-2021 female head sculpt. Two styles of ro​​oted hair for the head sculpt are offered for selection.


With a most complete package of accessories, postures of the new shaped VERYCOOL Version 3.0 female body look more beautiful than before. Significant changes include adopting soft breasts, changing back of thighs to seamless, and further tightening the waist and hip portions. Articulations are further tightened for the convenience of increasing mobility of the body.


Environmental protection materials without smell are adopted for body production.
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