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Triad, barb Wire, Outfit Set

Artikelnummer: TRBW01

Outfit Set

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"barb Wire" Version 1.0 Outfit Set includes the following items:

1/6 female catsuits have been done to death by everybody. Why should you buy ours? Quality. Coolness. And More Quality. Unlike other catsuits you see on the market that are based around the same price, we use 4-way stretch vinyl and NOT 2-way stretch like every catsuit you see. 4-Way stretch vinyl is about $16 a yard and it must be imported from Japan. There is no way around it. We have searched high and low for better pricing and with our same standards in quality to find the same type of material without any luck. A good test of a catsuit to see its quality is to see if it "buckles up" when you stretch the suit. With 2-way stretch fabric, you see lots of "grid lines" that show up really fast when the fabric is pulled too tight. You never see that with 4-way vinyl. Another test you can do is to try and wear the catsuit both ways - with the zipper in the front or the back. Although this particular catsuit was patterned up with the zipper to be in the back, it can be worn either way as you can see in the photos because of its super-stretch fabric properties. We can't emphasize how extremely stretchable this material is. Look at all the cool action poses below and see what we mean.

Yes, you get the bootfeet also. Let us repeat that one more time, THE BOOTFEET ARE INCLUDED with the bootsleeves. It is a perfect fit and will not come loose unlike many other types of feet like that is similarly produced by other manufacturers. The bootsleeves are made from the same 4-Way stretch vinyl like the catsuit and is super tough and will not tear like the bootsleeves you're used to.
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