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Lucifer "Michael" Action Figure Big Angel

Artikelnummer: LXF1703Exc

Wings Of Dawn

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Lucifer "Michael" Action Figure Big Angel
Scale: 1/6, about 30cm tall. Just for 1/6 scale high-end action figure collection.

Original Exquisite Michael Female Head x1
True Feather Big Wing (Movable, Inside Bone Material have Updated) ☆
Figure Body 
Seamless Female Body Big Breast 

Armor : 
Helmet x1 
Collar Armor x1 
Breastplate x1
Chest Armor x1
Back Wing Replacement Accessories x1 ☆
Halo Effect Accessories x1 ☆
Three-Layer Movable Shoulder Armor x2 
Skirt Armor x2 
Upper Arm Armor x 2 
Elbow Armor x 2 
Lower Arm Armor x2 
Thigh Armor x 2 
Knee x 
Knee Side Armor x 2 
Battle Boots x2 
Armor Hands x 6 (3 Pairs ) 

Leather Cloth:
Leather Waistband x1 ☆
White Lace Corsage x1
White T-back x 1 
Student Short Skirt (Bunt In Iron wire )x 1 
Big Angel Printed Gold Ribbon x1 ☆
Big Angel Printed Gold Hood x1 ☆

Shining Blade (Stainless Steel Polishing 
Big Angel Huge Shield ☆
Big Angel Long Gun ☆

Main Part: Ruins Battlefield 
Accessories: Faucet Bone x 1 ☆
Effect Arrow x2 
Snake Bone bracket x 1 
(The picture is not the final product prototype. Product details are subject to change without notice, The official final 
interpretation shall prevail) 

Product Feature : 
This time LUCIFER Brand Bring us 
'Archangel - Michael , is a development cycle for up to a year' s Original female magical doll works of whole 
body plate armor It is also a Design Aesthetic Products 
Which Combine Armor Fabric Leather etc Multi-material . 
In order to show every detail better, Armor' s Indiüdual Opening Vold Accessories have up To 72PCS As Well 
Selection of other materials, The design of the pattern and the overall effect are also repeated scrutinized, In addition, a true stainless steel casting process is used on the "Bright Edge' Of the main weapon. At the same time, We have improved the featured accessories Pure handcrafted feather big wing' s inside the bone structure, Make it more adhesive, This further optimizes the phenomenon of hair loss caused by manual products. 

PS: At present, due to the craftsmanship Of handmade wings, we cannot guarantee that each product' s feather WII not be 
shed, We have no secret of this, However, we will listen carefully to feedback from collectors and solve every detail from collector's feedback in a timely manner.
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