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WWII: 2 x Goliath Beetle Tanks

Artikelnummer: ACCPAK033

WWII: Goliath Tank & Engineer

Wenige Exemplare auf Lager - schnell bestellen!

2 x Goliath Beetle Tanks 1/30

German Goliath tracked mine vehicle with engineer operator. The Goliath came in 2 versions, battery powered or with a petrol engine. It could carry 60 or 100 kilos of explosives depending on the variant being operated.
Used by the Germans at Anzio and later at the Normandy landings, they were known as Beetle tanks by the Allies due to their diminutive size. Vulnerable to small arms fire and with a limited cross country capability they were not rated a great success. However they can be considered one of the early predecessors of the many remotely controlled weapons we see so often on todays battlefields. Limited to 100 in number

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