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Gangsters Kingdom - Side Story Neil (CICF 2016 Exclusive)

Artikelnummer: GKS004

(CICF 2016 Exclusive)

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Gangsters Kingdom - Side Story Neil (CICF 2016 Exclusive)

Wrath is easy to get. Chance is hard to wait for.
Neil is a British guy who earned his fame among American gangsters. He is the only white man respected by either British, Japanese or Chinese gangs. His grandfather was a lieutenant of an early British gang in America. His father was sent to China for family business in the 50s and took young Neil to Guangdong, where Neil spent his childhood. For safety concerns Neil’s father hired many local masters of martial arts as bodyguards. That was when Neil started to fascinate about mysterious Chinese Kong Fu. Not only did he learn several sets of Kong Fu from their family bodyguards, he also made friends with Hong Wu, who has become the boss of Triad nowadays. In the 60s, to avoid the political turmoil, Neil’s father took Neil along with the family business to Japan. During their several years in Japan, Neil saved a teenager who was hunted by rival gang- who turned out to be the oldest son of the boss of a Japanese gang, Kojiro. Showing his gratitude, Kojiro’s father taught Neil their family heirloom – Kenjutsu.
Neil returned to the US in the 80s. He earned his places in the gang through his exceptional Martial Arts and Kenjutsu, and soon was selected to be the successor. However, just when he reached his top, his uncle usurped the power, killing Neil’s grandfather and other veterans. Neil’s father was abducted and went AWOL. Neil had to appeal to his friends- Hong Wu and Kojiro. With the help from both gangs, Neil executed his uncle and became the leader of this generation. To show his appreciation and honor their friendship, Neil had a tattoo on his hand, which was a symbol of three leaves linked together.
Time went into the new millennium. That was when Neil started to fade off from the gang and live in solitude. But he still had his great prestige among Japanese and Chinese gangs, helping them to coordinate. Ogier was sent to be an apprentice of Neil by his gang when his was quite young. But he was not as addicted to Kong Fu and Kenjutsu like the 5 of Diamond was. Ogier was more of a free combat guy. That did not discourage Neil from teaching him and culturing him to be his successor.
One night on the mountain on the wild-west, in a heavily guarded villa, Ogier appeared in a Japanese-style room
“Master, I want revenge.” Ogier kneeled down in front of Neil.
“I have two weapons. You can choose either one.” Neil spread his hand.
Ogier was confused by the two choices before him. One was a Katana, the other one was a big flute.
“Hard to choose? Both kills.” Neil smiled.
Ogier did not hesitate to pick up the Katana. He nodded to his master.
Neil was still smiling. He took the flute and played a little, “you think this can’t kill, don’t you.”
Ogier stared at his master, “This one fits me better.”
Neil pointed the flute at Ogier and said, “If you can cut this flute, then the Katana fits you better.”
The second Ogier had a cold gaze and tried to pull out the Kanata, the end of the flute poked at his joint, made him numb and slow. The next, tassels on the other end whipped on Ogier’s hand, which almost caused him to drop the Katana. Subconsciously, Ogier dodged and tried to pull again. Once again he was poked by the flute. Several acupoints on his arm was punctured by the flute,like a flash light. Ogier’s attempts was dissolved. He never had the chance to pull out the Katana.
“Your wits are hidden, just like this Katana wrapped around by its scabbard.” Neil was still smiling.
Awaken by the master’s tip, Ogier learned something. He stopped trying to pull, but attacked directly with the scabbard. Neil’s flute fought with the scabbard for a few rounds, but it was hard to get close to Ogier’s arm again. Fighting off an attack from the master, Ogier finally pulled out the Katana along its flow. With a clear ringing tone, half a flute fell to the ground.
Neil had the other half flute in his hands, “Do not let vengeance cloud your reasons. You need a chance.”
Ogier retracted the Katana. He stood up and bowed to his master with respects.
“I spent a whole month making this flute. What a waste.” Neil tossed what’s left out. That half of the flute was deeply stung into the wood pillar outside.
- Headsculpt
- Action body 
- White T-shirt
- Yellow silk uniforms
- Black uniforms
- Black athletic pants
- Tatami
- The flute
- Samurai sword
- Shoes
- White socks
- Palm x8
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