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Artikelnummer: TC.M1002


Wenige Exemplare auf Lager - schnell bestellen!
Story Synopsis 
During the ninety-second year of the New Calender,with the help of Synthetisches Menschliches,it is of no doubt that the Blackshirts Community have taken control of the whole world.It’s only a matter of time before the weak resistance groups absolutely exterminated.Synthetisches Menschliches,which are synthesized by different biological genes,are inevitably produced a mass of  defective products during the cruel synthetic process.They are centralized prisoned,waiting for the destiny of  being the experiment material or executed.However, once in the wipe-out mission of defective Synthetisches Menschliches,the team leader of Law enforcement team,Lu King Cheung accidentally defected.Therefore he would be confronted with the endless chase by the Blackshirts Community,on behalf of the state apparatus.
About Lu King Cheung
He was born in a ordinary family in North Africa and his parents are slave labors.They died unexpectedly in an  industrial accident when he was only seven years old.Then he was adopted by a Chinese couple.He was excellent in character and learning since he was very young.At the age of fifteen,he participated in the Blackshirts Community.Owing to his strong belief and outstanding capability,he soon became the core backbone member of the community.And in the sixth AH Renaissance Programme,he was the leader of the Special Forces in 
Synthetisches Menschliches,participating and directing mostly major actions organized by Synthetisches Menschliches in the early years.But on his journey to home, he found that the Blackshirts Community were not the well-being of all nations and the savior of the society according to their creed.Instead they became the tools of manipulating human beings used by the big capitalist,financial oligarchy and the blue-blooded nobility.Since then,Lu King Cheung changed his state of mind.And in the following mission,he became the world's wanted man due to shooting the son of a big capitalist,Rockefeller.

新素体 new body
头雕   Hand of giraffe
罩衫  Smock
M36制服   M36Jacket
野战裤  Trousers
棕色军官皮带 Officer's Belt Leather
山地兵大背包 Backpack
98K步槍一支  Kar98K Rifle
山地靴  Mountain boots
绑腿   Leg wrappings
98K弹包一对  Kar98k Ammunition Pouch
国防军皮带Y带  Wehrmacht Equipment Belt & Combat Suspenders
饭盒水壶杂物包   Three Piece Basic Field Gear Set
攀山绳  Mountaineering rope
山地稿   Draft
山地锤   Small Hand Ice Pick
山地钉   Mountain nail
望远镜   Binoculars w
P38手鎗+枪套   P38 w/Black Holster
文件包    Documents bag
仿真地台场景 Realistic platform scene

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